Hot and Cold Fruit Juice Filling Machine

Hot and Cold Fruit Juice Filling Machine

This type of Rinsing, Filling and Capping machine is designed for bottling fruit juices and liquids in pet or glass bottles ranging from 0.2l up to 2l. Fruit juices can be Hot- or Cold filled depending on the product.

Hot Filling: filling the products at a temperature of 90°-95°C.
Cold Filling: filling the pasteurized products in pet or glass bottles.

Rinsing System
Bottles are rotated by 180° and depending on the specific requirements compressed sterile air, sterile water or hydrogen rinsing is performed.

Filling System
The latest technology Flowmeter Electronic measures volume of the water, milk product or fruit juice liquids to be filled. This Flowmeter supported design allows for a fully automated filling and a high degree of hygiene.

Capping System
Crown cap, twist cap and aluminium cap techniques are possible.